Brightening Treatment 

Duration: Approximately 1 h 20 min 

This effective treatment accelerates brightness, improves skin tone, enhance skin clarity and creates a fresher and healthier look. 

With the use of powerful exfoliants to smooth the skin, and help minimize the appearance of sun and age spots. Incorporating Botanical extracts to treat and prevent cellular discoloration. 

This treatment will blow you away!!!


*Recommended for all skin types


Needle-Free Mesotherapy 

Duration: Approximately 1 h 30 min 


This treatment is a combination of Ultrasound, bio-photon lights and micro-current therapy. Recommended for all skin types, helps lift sagging skin, enhances the luminosity of your skin, delivers rejuvenation and removes dark circles under the eyes. 

Great and very effective treatment!


Deep Cleansing Facial 

Duration: Approximately 1 h 20 min 


This facial consists of a warm facial steam to soften clogged pores and loosen any buildup, being followed by a deep cleansing treatment focusing on exfoliation and extractions.  

After that your skin is ready to reap the benefits of a calming mask applied to improve the surface and underlying layers resulting in a radiant and healthy looking skin.


*Recommended for oily and acne prone skin.


Express Glow Facial 

Duration: Approximately 40 minutes.

This facial is ideal to hydrate your skin . 

Starts with a cleansing, exfoliate, massage and finish with an amazing moisturizing mask.

You’ll feel your skin radiant and dewy. 

Get Ready to Glow and go! 


*Recommended for dry skin


Manual Lifting Facial 

Duration: Approximately 1h 20 min 

A lifting technique massage to stimulate the skin tissue and muscles with the use of special product consisting of silk proteins, which naturally increases the elasticity of your skin, speeds up the skin metabolism and tightens. 

Excellent treatment to restore your skin smoother and youthful appearance.


*Recommended for all skin types